Residential Security Teams

With the ever-increasing level of violence used in crimes such as robbery, racist intimidation and terrorism, many individuals no longer feel safe within the confines of their home or workplace.

The security of our clients remains a concern 24 hours a day. After consulting with you and then surveying the property in question (Homes – Hotels – Place of Work/Office), we will ascertain the best level of security to counter any risks. Whether it is manning, equipment or training we will be able to assist in implementing counter-measures for you. 

Regalis Group has numerous residential solutions available to respond to your needs. These can involve guarding a single residence or supplying a whole team of officers and fully trained dog handlers for a residents association, but equally we can also provide CCTV coverage systems or alarm response solutions.
Responsibility for securing your home, property, and family is becoming increasingly necessary. According to your preferences, our guards can be either a highly visible deterrent or a subtle part of the day-to-day running of your household. We work for you to prevent burglary, vandalism, and personal attacks.

All of our security personnel sign a confidentiality agreement, so your private life will remain private.