Unarmed Combat

Unarmed combat or hand to hand combat is the most ancient form of fighting known. A majority of cultures have their own particular histories related to close combat, and their own methods of practice.

Regalis Group prides itself in having specialist instructors in all areas including Unarmed Combat. The physical skill of personal safety and self defence has now become a essential aspect of everyday life. This course will enable and help Close Protection Operators, Law Enforcement Officers and Door Supervisors to deal with serious incidents including minor or major assault and attack with weapons. It is usually delivered over two days but we can offer longer and more advanced unarmed combat training programmes upon request.

These unarmed combat techniques are aimed at anatomical weaknesses of the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems of the potential attackers.

Course Content
  • Introduction to Unarmed Combat/Self Defence Techniques
  • The anatomy of Self-Defence (Human Body, Pressure Points, Strike Vulnerable Points)
  • Controlling an attacker (Body Positioning, Restrain and Locks)
  • Dealing with weapons attacks
  • Weapon disarm tactics
  • Multiple Attackers
  • Escaping and Evasion
  • Moral & Legal consequences

We will not enrol any participants unless they sign the mutual agreement to prove that they have good health and a degree of physical fitness and flexibility as well as sensible attitude. The course can be delivered at the client’s premises or any other specified location, subject to suitability.

For further information please call Regalis Group on 0207 704 2555