Personal Safety Training

The course is designed to provide broader and enhanced skills for those people in job roles where they regularly manage conflict and who require training physical intervention skills. These can involve anything from avoidance and disengagement skills through to rescue, escorting customers to exit points , holding skills and during the arrest procedure if needed.

Regalis Group provides a unique physical skills programme that is simple and effective yet lower in risk for the staff using them and the individuals to whom they are applied

  • in the protective and security industries, (Door supervisors, Static and Patrolling Security guards, Court security officers, Law enforcement officers, Close protection officers)
  • in the NHS, (Ambulance Service staff, A&E staff, Security staff, Nurses working with disturbed patients)
  • with children in residential settings
  • with adults who have ‘challenging behaviour’
  • in schools, including special needs schools, teachers and nominated teaching assistants

Personal safety training can be delivered over a day or 5 days depending specific need of our clients.

Course Content
  • Introduction to Physical Skills
  • Law and Risks of Physical Intervention When Working with Children and Vulnerable Adults
  • Law and Risks of Physical Intervention for People Performing Security Functions
  • Non-restrictive Methods of Disengagement and Physical Intervention
  • Reasonable Force /Necessary Force and Self Defence
  • Disengagement Techniques
  • Escorting and Guiding Techniques
  • Holding Skills
  • Possible Medical Implications
  • Team Skills

The course can be delivered with Conflict Management Training course to provide a rounded skill set for positive risk reduction.

For further information please call our office on 0207 704 2555.