Protective Surveillance

The Regalis Group Covert Protection service has been designed to offer maximum security whilst maintaining a fully covert presence. This service will be fully adapted to your requirements ensuring minimal intrusion on your daily life whilst maintaining a full and secure environment for you to continue in your daily tasks. By maintain a covert presence we are able to identify and deal with any incidents before it has chance to occur. All of our operators have Police or Military background and have a vast experience in both Surveillance and Close Protection creating a unique service suitable for the most delicate of requirements.

If you are concerned that a colleague or family member may be in danger then we can provide protection 24hrs a day, 7 days a week with or without their knowledge. Previous clients have requested this service so that they didn’t need to worry their family about a “possible” threat that may face them.

Due to the complexities of this type of service, every single tasking has different requirements and therefore we will need to discuss the matter in detail and tailor a service that will suit your requirements.

Please phone for a no obligation informal discussion on way in which we may be able to assist.