People Tracing/Background Checks

Regalis Group has a designated researcher with access to both public and private databases. We will endeavour to include all details we find along the route of our investigation.

Asset Search

In addition to preliminary findings we can also “dig deeper” (dependant on your requirements) in order to establish a financial situation of an individual or company. These investigations will also include elements of physical surveillance which may present additional information not available through technical investigation.

Our tracing service often works alongside our active investigation teams in order to identify as much detail as possible of all the unknown personnel that have contact with the subject, often with surprising results.

We operate a no find no fee policy based on an initial search.

Previous traces include:-

•    Witnesses

•    Absconded Tenants

•    Bad Debtors

•    Old friends

•    Family Members

•    Business Associates

•    Evasive Creditor