Computer & Phone Forensics

Regalis Group are specialists in remote monitoring and information recovery. Our expert operators are able to conduct a range of services covering a wide range of platforms. Many people who commit acts in violation of their contract or local law will try and cover their steps by deleting and removing any information which may indicate their involvement is such activities.

This is where Regalis Group can help. With our team of technical experts at hand we can recover information or files that may have been long since deleted. It is a common misconception that once a file has been deleted it will no longer exist. This is in fact incorrect, the information or parts of will still be embedded somewhere on the memory drive it was last located and the Regalis Group specialists will identify this information and recover it.

All information recovered will be isolated and maintained in line with the legal requirements for the information to be presented and legally admissible in the court of law.

Types of information recovery services:


  • SMS Recovery
  • Phone Call Log (outgoing/incoming and missed)
  • Digital Media (pictures, videos, music etc)
  • Websites Visited
  • Call Transcript


  • Identification of attempted concealment or deletion
  • Identification of deleted content
  • Recovery of information for use as evidence¬†
  • Remote Monitoring/Recording
  • Identification of manipulation attempts
  • Identification and Isolation of Downloaded Content

Computer and Phone Forensics

Regalis Group provides a state of the art service in technical forensics and investigation. We have specialist software and personnel that can complete a number of advanced services including:

  • Recovery of lost/deleted information
  • Remote monitoring and reporting of computer and mobile phone activities
  • Recovery of information from portable storage
  • Seizure and interrogation of individual computers or networks
  • Recovery of mobile phone information (pictures, text messages, phone log etc)
  • Email monitoring¬†
  • Mobile phone transcripts
  • Please contact us for further information regarding Regalis Group technical services.