• What is the SIA?
  • How Do I Apply for SIA License?

First Aid

  • What should I consider when assessing first-aid needs?
  • How long are first aid training certificates valid for?
  • How long is the Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) training course?
  • What is an appointed person?
  • What is first aid at work?
  • What is the First Aid at Work training course (3-day)?
  • What is the legal position regarding First Aid in the work place?
  • Why do I need to attend First Aid Training?

Door Supervision

  • What is a Door Supervisor?
  • Where Can I work as a Door Supervisor?

Close Protection

  • How much Does Close Protection Service Cost?
  • How much money Can I earn as a Close Protection Operator?
  • What's the difference between a Close Protection Operator and a Bodyguard?

Surveillance and Investigations

  • Am I being followed or investigated?
  • Do you provide Surveillance services overseas?
  • How can I become a Private Investigator/Surveillance Operator
  • How do I employ a surveillance team?
  • How is Regalis Group different to other companies?
  • How much does the Surveillance Service cost?
  • Will completion of a course guarantee work?