Fraud Investigations

Regalis Group have a range of Fraud Detection Best Practices to Help Merchants and Banks  tackle any kind of fraud including: Internal Fraud, Card Fraud and Card-Not-Present Fraud (CNP).

Our consultants will work with you to enable your bank’s or company’s employees detect, mitigate and prevent fraud in any kind.

We will design and implement bespoke fraud prevention and mitigation best practices for you to stop fraud and prevent its re-occurrence. Our best practices are currently employed by many banks, large merchants and business from a broad spectrum of industries.  These best practices are also recommended by card schemes including Visa and Master Card.

We can implement a wide range of fraud prevention policies and procedures covering many areas including airline fraud, internet fraud, bank card cloning, SQL injections, DDOS attacks, IP fraud detection and many others.

We are able provide a total service which can help you to generate tangible regular fraud reports to track your fraud reduction progress after our involvement.

Regalis Group’s expertise with all types of fraud investigations, including access to databases which are not usually accessible to the general public, can be used to locate and eliminate fraud from within your organisation.

Every fraud case will be assigned to a designated fraud consultant who will be your main point of contact to discuss approach, best practice, results and procedures. All information gathered with be kept 100% confidential and all information will be permanently deleted from our systems upon receipt of full payment.

Types of Investigations

  • Internal Fraud
  • User access to information/premises
  • First Party Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Application Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Telecommunication Fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
This is just a small number of the different types of fraud investigations consultancy we are able to conduct and offer. If you feel you may require assistance in gaining information or to learn about the other fraud prevention consultancy services we offer please feel free to contact us for an informal discussion.